Events (in upcoming order), all Central timezone:

Monday, August 21*, starting at 8am – Support protesters against white supremacy! Pack the courtroom!

Brian, Emmett, Jesse and Rachel are facing trial for our protest last summer against the white supremacy that killed Philando Castile. We need your support in the courtroom against a prosecution that has sought to punish protesters from day #1.

We expect trial to last at least a day, perhaps all of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Please RSVP to stay on top of updates. Press conference on Kellogg Ave outside the courthouse.

Philando’s murderer walked free, but the St. Paul city attorney is still out here prosecuting dozens of protesters. We were right: the system didn’t bring justice for Philando, and it has protected white supremacy all the way to the horror we saw in Charlottesville last weekend.

Your presence in the courtroom makes a difference! We’ve held out for over a year, winning a dismissal of riot charges and standing with Louis Hunter as he won the fight to get his charges dropped. Now we need you to stand with us against the same prosecutor who brought trumped-up riot charges against us.

Our protest, our ability to fight against white supremacy is under aggressive threat in this country, from Trump down to state legislatures and Chris Coleman’s city attorney office. Stakes are high, and getting higher. We need your support to hold the line, hold the space necessary to fight this racist, anti-black backlash.

Press conference @ 8am, Trial @ 9am, Ramsey County Courthouse, 15 W. Kellogg, downtown St. Paul.

Tuesday, September 5 – Benefit show at Honey

Details TBA.

For additional events, please check the Support Louis Hunter Facebook page and email to get action alerts and news.