Arrestee Pledge List

On July 6th, 2016, Philando Castile was murdered in Falcon Heights, Minnesota. Since his murder, over 255 people in Minnesota have been arrested and are facing criminal charges because of responsive actions of grief and outrage. Ramsey County Attorney has singled out one person to charge with felony charges, Philando Castile’s cousin Louis Hunter. Louis Hunter is facing 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines.

The continued efforts by the police to suppress grieving and perpetuate racially-biased violence can be summed up in the egregious felony charges against Philando’s cousin, Louis Hunter. Many of those arrested intend to keep the fight in the courts until Louis Hunter’s charges are dropped. By refusing plea bargains and keeping the pressure on the courts, we maintain that charging Louis Hunter, at a time when he and his family are facing the unjust loss of their beloved Philando Castile at the hands of the police, is a perpetuation of the state violence that killed Philando Castile in the first place. We ask everyone to stand with us as we make these demands.

Philando Castile’s death, and Louis Hunter’s charges, are among the most tragic examples of the many injustices people of color endure in our country. As those who have also been arrested and face criminal charges, we recognize this disparity, refuse to participate in the criminalization of protest, and move forward in continued commitment to the Movement for Black Lives.

Finally, dropping the charges against Louis Hunter, and all the people who were arrested, protects everyone’s rights.

We ask everyone to stand with us to make this demand.

Austin Marcus Jackson
Yhante Williams
Nikki Ann
Jesse Mortenson
Joe Kruse – Acquitted by jury
Josina Manu
Michaela Nicole Day
Robert Trousdale
Ilana Rossoff
Charlie Thompson
Calli Oberembt
Adam Burch
Brenna Cussen Anglada
Jeffrey Berger
Steve Clemens
Michail Elderbrook
Jack Gaede
Donna Howard
Erica Sherwood – Acquitted by jury
Amy Van Steenwyk
Dan Wilson – Acquitted by jury
Theresa Zettner
Emmett Doyle
Zachery Kolodziej
Naomi Klionsky
Jay Klyman
Ranelle Johnson
Tyler Edwards
Justin Korhonen
Kip Kippley
Maddie Harrison
Jamie Johnson
Davin Tuller
Mollie Wetherall
Jacob Ladda
Rachel Goligoski
Korla Masters
Cora Murph
Mari Hougen-Eitzman
Mab Green
Mora Anderson
Ella Masters
Riona Ryan
Curtis Avent
Claire Bransky
Calli Oberembt
Jolius Nyren
Rachel Mueller
Rachael Rivard
Simon Olson
Edward Banks
Eli Lartey
Anne Meyers-Welsch
Erica Brock
Franky Sager
Sam Studer
Mollie Wetherall
Madison Rubenstein
Kestrel Feiner-Homer
Brian Shea
Brenden Kelly
Nell Pierce
Kate Havelin
Charlotte Colantti
Carolyn Szczepanski
Isa Kielas-Jensen
Linda Breitag